Dixie Ross

Bible, Classical Choir, and Spanish

Mrs. Ross will be leading the Camerata Choir, Worship Team, teaching Spanish to Grammar School, and Bible to the Logic and Rhetoric students. Her experience includes teaching Bible, Music K-12, Private piano, and voice.  Mrs. Ross graduated from ECU and UCO in Edmond, Oklahoma with degrees in Arts in Education, Masters with Concentrations in Classical Voice and Piano, and Spanish K-12. She did post graduate work at Belmont University in Nashville.

The Ross family relocated here from Oklahoma. They were very active in their church in Oklahoma leading worship in Spanish and English. They are involved in prayer ministry, visiting nursing homes, homeless outreach, music, and evangelism.

Mrs. Ross is excited about coming to the Camerata School. She loves and believes in the vision of the Camerata School, which is to teach our children according to the precepts and foundations laid down in the Bible, teaching to know Scripture, to trust the Lord at all times, to know the Lord Jesus and to have joy in walking with Him daily. Mrs. Ross has a son and a daughter. She loves God’s Word and knows that it is the eternal, unchanging, inerrant, God-breathed Book which can be trusted when everything else around us is shifting.

Here are just a few of her favorite verses:  Isaiah 54:10-13, Isaiah 53: 1-12, Psalm 37, and Genesis 1:1.