Can You Not Pray with Me for Even a Little While?

Is there anything sweeter than my children praying?  With one eye open and peeking at their sweet faces as they prayed, you can see the peace and joy as they talked with God!  As a grandmother, I might add that seeing my grandchildren praying to God may be the closest I can get to heaven while still on earth.  A child-like faith is truly angelic!

Walking on a path in the Garden of Gethsemane, I pondered on the statement our Lord asked His disciples.  “Can you not pray with me for even a little while?’  When did we decide, yes decide, as adults that prayer was only at mealtime or maybe at bedtime?  When did that child-like prayer life not become a way of life?  When did we stop praying, even for a little while…?  A little child’s reliance on God is a sweet reminder for us to strengthen our own prayer times with God.

The Camerata family considers it a privilege to pray for you and your children!  We know and are excited that all our lives will be enriched as we get to know each other and pray for each other!  ‘Lord, help us to have a child-like faith as we constantly talk with You about life!’ 

~Caroline Worley