“How do I resolve conflict with my parents or my friends?” by Jody Capehart

Let’s call it “Practicing the P’s” of speaking the truth in love, which is at the heart of what Jesus teaches in Matthew 18.

1. Pray

2. Propose a time

3. Prepare the P&J (J for Jesus) Sandwich

·        Positive

·        Problem

·        Proactive Plan

4. Preserve

5. Protect

6. Promote

7. Pray

·        Pray for the Lord to give you the words. Pray for your attitude to be right in the situation.

·        Propose a time and place to meet in private

·        Prepare before you ask for the meeting. Use the P&J sandwich method:

·        Start out with prayer and something positive about the person

·        State the problem and take ownership of it.

Examples:  “I’m have a problem because I heard that you were saying untrue things about me.”

“Have I done something to offend you? If so, I apologize and I would like us to talk about it.”

·        Close with a proactive plan on how you can get along

·        Preserve each other’s dignity.

·        Protect one another’s privacy.

·        Promote ways for the two of you to get along

*From the books by Jody Capehart and Angela Carnathan