We chose the name Camerata as it was used in the Florentine Camerata. The Florentine Camerata, also known as the Camerata de' Bardi, was a group of musicians, poets, and intellectuals in late Renaissance Florence who gathered under the patronage of Count Giovanni de' Bardi to discuss and guide trends in the arts, especially music and drama. Their goal was to return to the forms and style of the ancient Greeks. If the arts could be improved, society could be improved as well. It is this spirit that embodies our Camerata.

We seek to return to a classical style of education inspired by the education of the Greeks. The chamber meaning of the word represents how we learn better in small groups, like the size of those found in chamber music and in the small classes at the Camerata School. We also embrace camaraderie between our students, teachers, and parents. Thus, the word Camerata truly does represent the culture of our school.