Elisabeth Su


Ms. Su has been blessed and enriched by the opportunity to work with students from diverse backgrounds ranging from pre-K to college, public to private schools, small to big churches, to cultural specific as well as multi-cultural ministries.  She served as the minister of children, youth, and college within the church. In the field of education, she taught and/or coached students from Richardson and Plano I.S.D., First Baptist Academy of Dallas, Prestonwood Christian Academy, and West Dallas Community School.

Ms. Su graduated from Criswell College with a B.A. in Biblical Studies/Counseling and an M.A. in Philosophical Theology.  

Ms. Su attends Hope Fellowship and serves as the Director of Equipping Ministries at CCCFC where she trains leaders to be servants in order to become vessels for His Kingdom. When there is a need, she fills in on the worship team and/or the pulpit on Sundays. She also serves as a Micah Group Facilitator, which is a cohort of Kingdom Leaders with hearts for diversity and racial reconciliation in pursuit of justice, mercy and humility.

She wants to teach at the Camerata School because it is Christian first and Classical second; furthermore, she firmly believes the integration of the two in proper order can indeed cultivate a culture of thinkers who will flourish as 'the created' learn toimitate'the Creator', while discoveringthe dignity and worth of all humanity.

She enjoys a good JAM session in fellowship.  Cinematic theology is a creative passion of hers and she rarely turns down an opportunity to play a game of basketball regardless of the weather; dig a volleyball out of the sand under the summer sun; or catch some fly balls in the breeze of spring.  Breaking bread with family and friends is a blessing that she never takes for granted. As far as books, she takes pleasure in gleaning from the minds of classical great thinkers to present day theologians.  The ocean takes her back to the heart of worship when she needs a place to reflect.  While she works on puzzles, she is reminded of the beauty of the body of Christ when we embrace one another in unity in spite of our unique forms; and ultimately is reminded that she is a part of a whole Greater Portrait.

Her life verse is Hebrews 11:1 “Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.”